Projectplace Named Top PM and Collaboration App On FinancesOnline 2016

Awards & certificates

FinancesOnline, a leading SaaS directory of software reviews, has a long tradition of comparing different smart business solutions and helping companies around the world find the ideal app to meet their business needs.

Recently, this platform reviewed our very own Projectplace software and featured it as the best agile project management solution for businesses. The platform prepared detailed Projectplace reviews, so that their readers could become more familiar with all our product details. Their B2B experts kept a close eye on our features set to confirm whether or not Projectplace offers the capacity to answer all the core needs of our users. As a result, Projectplace was distinguished in their collaboration software reviews category with several prestigious SaaS awards!

Projectplace was thrilled to receive the Best Agile Project Management Award for 2016 and the Supreme Software Award for 2016 given only to products with impeccable quality and extensive knowledge of the needs and requirements of their industry. We also received the Great User Experience Award that is given only to products which deliver the most intuitive and user-friendly interface, and which do the best job satisfying their customers’ expectations. Finally, Projectplace won their Expert’s Choice Award for 2016, granted exclusively to products which can meet key B2B market needs and are flexible enough to adapt to every single change in users’ expectations.

According to the FinancesOnline team, Projectplace has a number of unique qualities which can’t be found in any similar product; speaking foremost of the visible balance between collaboration and project management functionalities. They believe Projectplace is a one-and-only flexible suite tool that can grow in parallel with your business, and which can be personalized to the point of forgetting that it was not a home-grown system to begin with. FinancesOnline experts really prized Projectplace’s workload management features, which make it simple to organize tasks and pick up important interdepartmental trends the company could leverage to improve decision-making. They also praised our out-of-the-box Kanban management, cost-efficient and secure storage as well as the presence of an internal communication network where employees can share files and discuss projects in groups. Just as we expected, the team paid close attention to the personal to-do lists and described the Projectplace reporting-per-employee or team feature as the best idea they ever came across.

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