Projectplace Makes Constellation Research Shortlist for Social Task Management

Projectplace Makes Constellation Shortlist for Social Task Management

Delivering Structure and Collaboration

Teams want to get work done. Period. They want to crank out the work and hit their deadlines. This enthusiasm is often muted, however, when too much information is shared too haphazardly. Just because you can openly share information across a variety of tools including email, social networks, and other apps, doesn’t mean you should.

What ends up happening is that you wind up with too many moving parts that can create a whole new set of demands on your time and attention. Ultimately, staying organized and knowing what needs prioritizing can be downright overwhelming.

The answer? A tool that combines the collaboration features of social networking with the organization and task features of project management software.

Constellation Research just made your hunt for a collaborative work management solution a little easier with its Constellation Shortlist: 8 Solutions to Know: Social Task Management Niche.

I’m excited to share that Projectplace by Planview is on that list. The shortlist is compiled through conversations with early adopter clients, independent analysts, and briefings with vendors and partners.

Constellation ShortList™ Social Task Management: Niche

Along with making the shortlist, you might also want to check out our newly redesigned user experience for Projectplace in this brief video.

Some new features include:

  • A streamlined visual redesign that allows users to directly connect planning with execution
  • A new My Overview that provides a single view of a team member’s work and personal tasks
  • Its modern redesign, coupled with usability enhancements, further promotes user engagement and accelerates team productivity

I think you’ll find the new Projectplace delivers a proven, powerful, and truly engaging collaborative work management solution. This means you can really crank out the work now! See it for yourself and try it for free by visiting Projectplace.

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