Projectplace – keynote speaker at IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik

In parallel with IPMA choosing Projectplace as their global collaboration and project management tool, Projectplace and its partners share knowledge and expertise at several speaking sessions at the IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik.

Here are the highlights. For more information on the Projectplace sessions, or to book a meeting with our colleagues on site, contact

Tuesday Oct 1, 10:00

The truth about Kanban Visual Management, and how it boosts productivity!
Mattias Hällström – Founder and Head of Research & Development, Projectplace
Visual Management techniques, like Kanban and Scrum boards, are spreading fast. They are conquering the health care industry, technical sectors like manufacturing and software development, and white-collar and law firms. They are also evolving in service sectors like  marketing and HR departments. Why are they so successful? Mr Hällström has the answers and will share his in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm about long-term “social” project management.

Tuesday, Oct 1, 16:30

Traditional PM vs Social PM, can they co-exist?
Tobias Andersson – Chief Operating Officer, Projectplace
Is there a conflict between the traditional and new social way of managing projects? In this session, Tobias Andersson will shed some light on how cloud-based collaboration technology empowers project managers, members and stakeholders in both spheres.


Wed, Oct 2, 10:00
Best Practice – two examples of the Projectplace way

Best practice 1.
Getting project execution working – for real!
Merv Wyeth – Chair of ProgM, APM UK
The story of a retired police officer who gained an in-service reputation as Inspector Gadget due to his keen interest in exploiting ICT, now Chair of the ProgM SIG (Program Management Specific Interest Group) where the Projectplace collaborative platform enables project execution.  With its agile and social business features, Projectplace proved to be pivotal in supporting ProgM mission “to provide a forum for effective learning and development that promotes the science, discipline, tools and techniques of program management.”

Best practice 2.
Secop – Efficient control with social attributes
Marko Cakalic – Country Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Projectplace
Secop is an expert in advanced compressor technologies that provides support solutions within Household, Light Commercial and Mobile industries. The growing demand to, on one side, increase communication and engagement within global operating project teams, and, on the other, manage project portfolios, resources and cost control in one single tool, was a huge challenge for Secop.  With Projectplace Extended, Projectplace delivered the best of both worlds in one single tool.

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