Projectplace – Document Manager for Mac BETA update

We discovered some teething problems with the installation/initial experience for the Document Manager for Mac. There are easy solutions for the problems, but we felt that the experience would not be good enough for our testers. Therefore we have decided to temporarily remove the download for Document Manager for Mac on our website. We are working extra hard on solving these issues so that the beta can be available again as soon as possible.

The problems and solutions that have come up are:

1. The first time you log in to the Document Manager for Mac, the installation dialogue hangs with a white window and a timer going round.

Solution: Close the Document Manager and reopen it. This should solve the problem.

2. When I click on a document in Projectplace, I just get the normal download rather than the Document Manager.

Solution: Check that you do not have a flash blocker activated in your browser. Empty cache (Temporary Internet Files and Cookies) in the browser and restart it.


Bearing this in mind, you can still contact support and get the Document Manager for Mac for installation.


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