Projectplace – Better handling of images in your projects and more: release 12th April

Tonight is release night!

Here’s what you can expect from tomorrow and a sneak of what we’re doing in the future. I just got word from our Product Owner that the release has been successful…

Image Preview in Documents

First things first! This is something that we have had a lot of requests and votes for at Projectplace Ideas and I’m very happy that it has now been prioritised. We have also involved our Advisors in the design. We make it possible to preview images stored in the Document Tab in Projectplace. You can preview single images or flip through all images in a folder. You will also be able to lock, update and version manage images just like any other file in Projectplace. Here’s a look at what you can expect tomorrow :


If you want to have a say in future design and functionality, don’t forget to engage at Projectplace Ideas.

Icon View in Documents

The icon based view that we now have as an alternative in the Planner Edition will be transferred to all projects as well. This view will also get a number of improvements. The standard will continue to be the list view.

This is what the list view looks like (current)
This is the new Icon View (12th April)

Focus on Search Related Bugs

We have focused our Document Search in the quality work in this release. We’re hoping that the experience will be a lot better.

Some things that we have fixed:

  • You should now be able to use any search terms
  • Under some condition you used to get double results when searching. This should not happen anymore.
  • horizontal scrollbar missing in document search – fixed

Other Quality Improvements

In the Add Member view there will be improvements in the interface for selecting groups.

The API publishing platform has been completed. You can find it here. These are the features currently included:

  • Listing of documents and folders
  • Downloading of documents
  • Uploading of documents
  • Viewing and downloading specific versions of documents
  • Listing user’s recent documents
  • Listing of coworkers (people you work together with in a Project)
  • Listing of “my assignments”
  • Listing of which Projects you are a member of
  • Downloading of user’s avatar
  • Listing of meetings in project calendar

Future Releases

Improved Navigation

More than 70% of our users are only part of a single project. We feel that the current left hand project menu takes up an unreasonably large portion of the interface for most people and that we can radically increase the available work space by improving the way you navigate Projectplace. I will let you know in more detail what  you can expect when I have more information. Planned release/beta in June.

Master Planning

We have made really good progress on the master plan part of the pre-study for collaborative planning and we will hopefully start developing (read coding) parts of it very soon. I will certainly keep you updated on the progress of the master planning project and also on the design process for action planning which is the next part of the pre-study.

Team Chat

This is our latest Projectplace Labs development and it is just what it sounds like: an instant messaging app for Projectplace. In Team Chat, each project and each group within the project have their own chat channel, you can immediately see who’s logged in and available and you can start private conversations. You can also add documents to the conversations. Development on Team Chat is hard and fast, especially since we find it immensely useful ourselves. In fact, so useful that we want to share it with you asap. Before the June release, we plan to invite our Projectplace Advisors for a testrun of Team Chat. Sign up if you want to join.

This is what Team Chat looks like

Projectplace Team Chat

Projectplace Team Chat window

Resource Scheduling

The work with integrating a resource management module called “Blue Ant” by our partner Proventis has started. A small number of selected customers will test it during the spring and public release is planned for later in the year. The resource management will be available for Enterprise Edition.

Single Sign-On

We are conducting an internal test of a SAML based solution for Single Sign-on via Active Directory or Security Partners. No planned release date yet.

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