Project management in the public sector: How NHS creates efficiencies with collaboration software


The public sector is all over the world under constant pressure to do more with less. Organizations are challenged to use resources more efficiently, and at the same to revise practises and adopt new ways of working. The goal is clear: provide better services, increase the employee satisfaction and take good care of the tax payer’s money.

UK’s  NHS, the National Health Service, has provided free healthcare to British residents for more than 60 years. As the result of a big organizational reform to improve health and social care services, NHS wanted to improve internal communication and processes.

NHS adopted Projectplace as the central hub for all project work.

“Projectplace is a really, really useful tool to bring all the people you need around the project and the project work that you need to undertake”, says Paul Macmillan, Organizational Development and Corporate Affairs Officer at the NHS.



Explore how NHS adopted project collaboration software.

Download the case study here for free

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