Project Lab Podcast episode #1: The future of work

We can’t get enough of discussing and exploring what’s cooking in project management and collaboration – so here’s the very first episode of the Project Lab Podcast. It’s a new arena to make sure that we dig a little deeper in the world of work and projects. As a complement to this blog, we will once a month discuss topics related to tools and technologies, interview experts and try to define current and coming trends. But we can’t do it without you, so please share your thoughts, comments and topic ideas.

In this premiere episode, hosts Maria Nordborg and Jason Morio address some of the trends that have, or will have, the most impact on how we work. The discussion revolves around Kanban and work visualization, lean and agile methods, mobile working and more.

Listen to it on iTunes or simply by clicking on the player above. Follow us Soundcloud to make sure you don’t miss upcoming episodes. Questions or feedback? Leave a comment or use hashtag #projectlab.




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