Project collaboration, resource and portfolio management unified: Projectplace joins Planview

The development in the cloud industry accelerates. A new global leader in project collaboration, portfolio and resource management is created as Austin-based Planview acquires Stockholm-based Projectplace.


The acquisition enables an industry pioneering match for business cloud users everywhere. Projectplace complements its leading agile project collaboration tools with a state-of-the-art solution for portfolio and resource management. Similarly, market-leading Planview can provide its users with tools optimized for project execution.

Projectplace and Planview Enterprise become business lines in the new Planview company, and the two product brands will co-exist. All users can continue to use the tools just as before, and expect the same fast-paced development.

Greg Gilmore, CEO of Planview, comments:

“With the acquisition of Projectplace we continue to define a broader vision of portfolio and resource management. By bringing these two solutions together, we can help customers, spanning large enterprises to small teams, move their businesses forward by making better use of their limited resources through portfolio, resource, and work management.”

Together, Projectplace and Planview will provide a unique possibility to grow alongside the user’s needs, from small ventures to large enterprises.

 “We can now present work teams, project managers and decision makers a powerful joint offering, which is very exciting. Both Projectplace and Planview are pioneers in their respective fields, which makes this a natural and exciting venture,” says Johan Zetterström, CEO of Projectplace.

Projectplace was previously owned by venture capital firms InnovationsKapital and Via Venture Partners.

For more information and latest news on this joint venture, check out this blog or visit Projectplace or Planview.

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