Project collaboration on Android made easy with new app


Work life has become a little bit easier for all Android users. A new free Projectplace app for project collaboration and work management is now available in Google Play. 

The new app let users seamlessly manage all work tasks and collaborate with team members and stakeholders in a virtual workspace. It uses the Kanban approach to work management. Both projects and ongoing workflows can easily be managed in the app by a real-time overview of progress.

Tasks are visualized through cards in different columns to represent workflows of projects and progression of tasks.

Work can be assigned to different team members and every member has visibility over who owns which task. The app will be free for up to five project members and users can sign up even if they don’t have a previous user account on Projectplace.

All files can be shared, edited and connected to specific tasks on the Kanban boards through the app. Popular file-sharing services are integrated for seamless file-sharing, including Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Check it out now in Google Play.


  1. Kurt says

    No product updates since May? Did the ProjectPlace team take off the whole summer? When will we see more improvements to the product? What will those improvements include?

  2. Per Holmlund says

    Hi Kurt, we make monthly updates including yesterdays launch of the Dashboard feature, more info about it here:

    And here’s where we list all past updates:

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