Projectplace – a look into a possible future or the Product Council Report

We had another Product Council meeting and this is the report. Please note that before anything is developed, tested and released it could all change. In bullet form:

Current Development (short term – yes we are working on this right now, likely to be released soonish)

  • Improvements for Safari
  • A beta for a document management plug-in for Mac and other users who can not use the current plug-in
  • Improved Calendar (release planned Q1 2011)

Pre-studies, Future Plans and Quality Improvements (medium and long term – we want to do these things and are planning for them, but the future is an unpredictable place)

  • Better support for collaborative project work planning
  • Resource Management
  • Single Sign-on for Enterprise Editions
  • Updated and improved Project Site
  • Fix and improve the Issue tool especially the search function
  • Renovate the Project Site
  • Improvements to the iPhone app
  • Improvements to Conversations
  • Preview/Thumbnails in Documents

Our roadmap is also available on our website

And here’s the report in video form:

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