New eBook: 9 brilliant workload management tips for teams


An essential component in every project manager’s and team leader’s duties is the art of optimizing work. You might be great at setting strategies, executing on the plan, and forcing your way toward the goal – but struggle with getting on the right side of people management. Basically, you have either a conscious approach to balance work and motivate team members – or you just let things roll and hope for the best. In many cases, it boils down to your approach to workload management.

In our latest eBook “Project Manager’s Guide to Getting Things Done: How to manage your team’s workload” we’re picking the brains of our experts to identify useful and actionable tips and best practices to effectively manage workloads, reduce stress and increase performance.

workload-lazy-projectWorkload management can mean many things: distributing resources efficiently, eliminating bottlenecks due to over-stretched team members or working with other project managers to effectively manage resources on multiple projects. In the first eBook in our Getting Things Done Series, we explored the strategic and tactical approaches that can help a project manager to get a project going, set goals, identify the right tools, and measure success. In this eBook, you’ll find tips on how to identify bottlenecks, allow your team to raise red flags when they’re over-stretched, and proactively strive towards an ideal workload situation for your team.

How do you identify who is overworked? What metrics and reporting should you use to determine whether workloads are being effectively managed? How can technology make worklife easier? Download the eBook for free and find out.

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