New Documents for All from 23rd April

For a long time now, we have been preparing a completely new version of Documents – our document management tool. We are now getting ready for the last stage which is switching everyone on to the new version and closing down the old version. This will happen on the 23rd of April and affects all users.

Take a sneak peak at the new version by clicking on the blue link “Try the new version of Documents” at the top right of the list of files and folders when you are logged in. The setting is individual so it will not affect your colleagues. It is also equally easy to switch back to the old version until the 23rd of April. Any questions and comments about the new version is welcome in our forum Projectplace Ideas.

How do I know which version I have?

At the top of the folder list in Documents in Projectplace you can check what version you have right now (the one you switch from) and switch between old and new.

If the top of your list looks like this you are using the old version.

If the top of your list looks like this you are using the old version.

If the top of your list looks like this, you are using the new version.

If the top of your list looks like this, you are using the new version.

Improvements in the new version

  • Fast

This has been a top priority for this development. When you switch over to the new version you should notice a significant decrease in the time it takes to reload the page. This is especially helpful if you have a big or complex document structure.

  • Responsive – works on big screens and small

The number of visible columns in the interface will vary according to the size of the screen. To make it more suitable to your needs you can change the order of the columns. More of the space on screen is used as work area.

  • More collaborative

The comments for documents, files and folders are much more visible in the detail view. An @-ref to a people or a group will create a notification in the web interface and on email and is a good way of involving other people in the work.

  • Real-time updates

We make sure that what you see on your screen is the latest update to documents and folders.

If you want more information about new Documents or need help on how to do something specific (set access rights, upload documents, start a review) you will find all this in the help system. At the bottom of each page is the information on how perform the same action in new Documents.

Create a Folder in Documents

Create a New Document

Create a Link in Documents

Simple Document Management

Edit a Document Using Projectplace Plug-in

Document History

Folder Access

Update Documents – Windows Users

Sign a Document

Upload and Download Files

Version Management

Change the Name of a Document

Document Management Without Document Plug-in

Lock a Document if You Do Not Have the Document Plug-in
Edit a Document if You Do Not Have the Document Plug-in

Sharing and Reviewing

Send Documents via E-mail

Document Reviews

Post Document Link to New Post on the Project Overview

Compress and Retrieve Files from Projectplace

Comment on Documents

Post Document Link to New Post on the Project Overview



  1. Konsta says

    Two items are missing from the new version (or I simply cannot find them):
    1) Document search
    2) Document update feed
    Please provide clear instructions how to use these two functions in the new version, directly in the browser without the need of installing any additional software. Thank you!

  2. Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

    1. The improved search is available for all and can be found in the top black navigation bar.
    2. The document feed in its current form will be discontinued in the new version of documents. We will think about new ways of presenting information about what has happened but until then, you can use “last events” on the Project Overview.

    Best regards,

  3. Holger Luth says


    The new version does not Work for me. I tried to switch back to the old version, before doing an upload of a document, but since I did that, I cannot see any of my documents any longer and the document page does not react to me clicking buttons, so I can’t even change back to the new version.
    Can you do something ASAP as I need to upload documents urgently. Thanks!

    Regards Holger Luth, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Holger,

      I understand that this is a problem for you. This is not a general problem so to help you we might need to troubleshoot further on your system. However, as a general rule, I recommend trying to empty the cache in your web browser – if you want more specific information on how to do that in your browser I recommend looking at:’s-Cache. Retsart the browser and try again.

      If you still experience problems please contact our support on and they will get right back to you.

      Best regards,

      • Holger Luth says

        Hi Karolina.

        Emptying the cache didn’t change anything, but then I tried logging in on Google Chrome instead and that worked fine. I guess the new version of Project Place is not compatible with my version of Internet Explorer. I am using IE Explorer 10, Version: 10.0.9200.16843, Update Versions: 10.0.14 (KB2925418)

        Regards Holger

        • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

          IE 10 should work fine also – maybe you are running it in compatibility mode? We often run into people who have problems with that. Check and make sure that compatibility mode is not on for Projectplace.

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