Making 2015 tech trends work for you part 1


New year ahead. That means new challenges, opportunities and black swans, as usual. We have asked four of our experts to present their top actionable trends for 2015. Here are the first two.

We think you’ll agree that technology is one of the most disruptive forces in history. Businesses are becoming more global and customers’ expectations are growing in today’s always-connected digital world. Organizations that don’t adapt to the rapid evolution of technology will struggle to keep up with the pace.

For project managers and teams, this evolution means new processes, and changes to how we work. In order to be successful, it’s important to not only understand the latest trends, but to embrace them to bring out the best in your team.

We have asked four of our experts in management, security, technology and project management to present their top actionable trends for 2015.  In this blog post we will touch on the first two. Stay tuned for part 2 on Monday 22nd and the trends in full length.

True Mobility


Tobias Andersson, COO, Projectplace

Tablets, smartphones and the cloud have enabled greater mobility and introduced BYOD, BYOA and BYOS into the workplace. However, it’s still common for businesses to face challenges when it comes to integrating these new devices and applications with their existing technology set-up. This is only going to become more complex as wearable devices become more commonplace in 2015, states Tobias Andersson, COO of Projectplace.

In order to achieve true mobility, teams need to be able to access the tools they need to do their jobs from any device, whenever and wherever they want. Project managers must foster the use of cloud-based tools and systems that increase agility and accessibility, but at the same time still give them the control they need.

Spend some time thinking about what tools you and your teams are using. Are they future proofed? Do they meet your business needs?

Know your cloud

Erkan Kahraman, Chief Trust Officer, Projectplace

Erkan Kahraman, Chief Trust Officer, Projectplace

2014 saw a number of the world’s largest corporations suffer major data breaches. Industry analysts predict this will continue in 2015. Crucially, security will no longer be the sole responsibility of the IT department, predicts Erkan Kahraman, Projectplace’s security guru.

Security is built in three pillars: trust, assurance and the right technology. Crucially, not all clouds are created equal, some for example lack credible third party verification whilst others have major flaws waiting to be exploited. Free tools often have very weak user privacy, leaving businesses exposed to threats.

There are small steps that every business can take regardless of its size to keep your data safe. For example, two-factor authentication is a good first step to making unauthorised access more difficult. Here is how to do it.

Read our second blog post to find out about the other two technology trends to look out for in 2015.



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