Looking for Projectplace Funnels

Do you find that your colleagues turn to you for Projectplace related questions?

Do you know Marie, Trude, Katrin, Kathrine, Matthew, Andrea and  Maren at Projectplace support on a first name basis and they know your voice instantly?

Do you have Projectplace Support on speed dial?

Do you find yourself wondering if you should create a short version on the Projectplace Manual for internal distribution?

Then you want to put a link to the  Answers section of Projectplace Ideas on your intranet or why not even in the project itself. At Projectplace Answers you can answer your users so that other users can read and benefit from your knowledge. You can also use it to ask about our Project Models or about how our Scrum Master Lena uses Projectplace in our own development projects.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you get started with Projectplace Answers

Happy posting,


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