Kickstart 2016: How collaboration software will boost your teamwork

Now in the beginning of 2016, it is a great opportunity to review how will work together with your team for the rest of the year. Project collaboration and work management tools designed to plan, organize teamwork and execute tasks are outstanding drivers for efficient teamwork.

Our perspective on teamwork
Absolutely essential for collaborative ongoing work and projects, is that the team gets the things that matter done. To accomplish that, the team members obviously need to steer in the right direction.

Start with getting the principles and tools in place, enabling the team to work together in ways that are smart, efficient and seamlessly integrated in each individual member’s daily work: from easy access to the grand plan and clear understanding of the goal, to transparent exchange of information and smooth task management.

Curious about software-driven teamwork in practice? Have a look at this video and you will see how it works with Projectplace.



There are many different tools out there to drive productivity and team collaboration. In Projectplace, everything is integrated – from goals to personal to-dos.

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