Keep your stakeholders involved and up to date

You increase the chance of success for every project by keeping your stakeholders involved and up to date. With the latest release we want to help you make stakeholder involvement easy and seamless. Here are the recent improvements and what is about to be released.


  • Public documents folder in Documents
  • Export plan to excel
  • U.S. date format

What’s up next?

Public documents folder in Documents – released

Public documents


It is now easier to make certain documents available to your stakeholders. Simply upload them to the new Public documents folder in Documents and turn on the Project site. The documents will then be available to anyone with a link to the Project site. For your protection you may want to add a password for accessing the Project site. This replaces the previous document upload to the Project description and any documents that were there have been moved to the new folder.

Export plan to excel – released

Since the release of the Plan tool this has been a top request from our users and this is now implemented. Use the export function to take a snapshot of the plan or for backups to see changes over time. It can be a great communication starting point for your stakeholders also.

U.S. date format – released

For users with English, it is possible to toggle between date formats so that you can have a format that you are comfortable with. This is a personal setting and does not affect other users. You find this setting in your personal settings under the section for User account.

Date format setting

Two-step verification – coming soon

Soon introducing two-step verification on a user level. This means that you can decide to turn on extra security by using both your user name and password as well as a security code sent to your mobile phone to access Projectplace. Read more about this in Projectpedia

This feature is currently being tested through an internal beta.

New document management app – coming soon

We want it to be super easy to work with documents in Projectplace. The new document management app  is planned to replace both current apps (Projectplace plug-in and Powertab for Internet Explorer as well as Document Manager) but will initially be available for Mac only.

This app is currently being tested through an internal beta.

Support for iOS 8

Our iOS app has problems displaying images and documents in iOS 8. The plan is to release an updated version for iOS 8 as soon as possible. We will let you know when it is available for download.

Updated Android app that includes boards

This is one of the most requested features from our users. Work is in progress to release a limited beta soon.

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