Keep on top of your deadlines – and what goes on in your project

There’s something to be said for autumn, for routine, and new deadlines.  Today’s release focuses on helping you keep up to date with what is going on in the project – what deadlines are coming up and what has happened lately.

Summary of release 28 August 2014

  • Calendar feed
  • Recently changed documents
  • Changes in folder access rights

 Calendar feed

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming as the deadlines line up from a multitude of sources and the calendar starts to fill up.

One way to keep up with deadlines and help prioritise your work is to consolidate the streams into one calendar. In this release we introduce the possibility to subscribe to a feed of dates from your projects. Welcome Calendar Feed!

Get the link for the feed to import to your calendar of choice in your personal settings. You can also do some customisation of which projects and events should be included.

Find out more and get a set-by-step guide to setting this up.

Calendar feed

Keep on top of what’s happening in the project

There’s a new view in Documents that will let you see all recent changes, you can select to see changes in the last week or in the last two weeks. This is a replacement of the old “red flags” functionality that was removed a while back.

Recently changed documents

Changes in access rights

After careful consideration and feedback from our users we have decided to change the way we do access rights to folders.

We will not allow read or write access for a folder if the folder above it has no access for the same group. This will make the setting up of access rights easier and prevent mistakes.

Note that any currently set-up access rights will not be affected by the change. This change only applies to new folders or when you decide to change the current access.

Read more about setting up  access rights to folders

What’s up next?

  • The possibility to export your Plan to excel (a list of activities, project steps, wbs, dates, and dependencies). This is a highly requested feature.
  • Access rights to the Plan
  • A new Android app

As always we welcome feedback, cheers and wishes over at Projectplace Ideas. 23% of your ideas are implemented.

Next release is scheduled for 24 September 2014



  1. Elisabeth says

    Hello. I’m missing a good search function on the page. For instance a searchfield. And the use of hashtags would be nice also and improve the search funtion making it easier to keep the different discussions apart.

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Elisabeth,

      There is a search in the top navigation that looks for names and descriptions in Documents, Boards and Plan. If you want, you can use hashtags in conversations – the tags are found under a special tab on the project overview and you can search in the tab for the available tags. To insert a tag in your post or comment, please use the hashsign followed immediately by the word. Example: #example

      Best regards,

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