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It’s alive! – User engagement in a collaboration software



In the gaming industry, it’s common knowledge that a range of factors creates stickiness. In other words, the overwhelming desire in a specific game to continue to yet another level, to play just a few more minutes. Game-play elements like story, controls, sound, etc, all add up to the engagement level. Similar is the case with any business software. The higher the user benefit, higher is the engagement level.

Combination of passion and engagement is a key ingredient for efficiently reaching business goals. Engagement is therefore an engine of our product. By engaging our users, we inspire them to interact with each other, utilize different features and thus enabling software to make you work smarter.

Our mission is to provide the right tools and conditions to keep the engagement engine running and accelerating. Our new tool strive at taking a step further in creating a transparent and collaborative environment, keeping people up to date and motivated.


Please feel free to comment on this post and share your best tips and tricks to keep people engaged!

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