Introducing: ToDo – a free version of Projectplace

We’re armed with smartphones, tablets, social networks and the cloud. It’s all in place. But are we really using new technology to get things done? Projectplace is now beta launching ToDo, providing the easy-to-use power of workflow planning and collaboration to everyone – for free.

In today’s always-connected world, armed with smartphones, tablets, social networks and the cloud, we have the potential to be more creative, collaborative and productive than ever before. Projectplace has been a true front runner in this space. For the past 16 years, we have made it possible for people, companies and organisations to collaborate in the cloud.

To turn this potential into reality and empower people to become brilliant collaborators and project managers, we’re launching ToDo, a free and easy-to-use version of our powerful Projectplace tool. Available on beta from today, ToDo brings the Kanban boards from Projectplace to collaborators’ fingertips for free for the first time.


Things ToDo: share and get thing done

We all have things to do. Whether you’re a student, an advertising planner, a researcher, product designer or software developer, ToDo enables you to work together more effectively with your team, wherever, whenever, track everyone’s actions and to share documents and insights seamlessly to ensure that your project stays on track.

What makes ToDo truly different from any other collaboration platform is that you can grow with us. It’s built on the rock-solid foundation of our 16 years’ experience of enabling secure, seamless and scalable collaboration in some of the world’s biggest and most successful organisations, including Carlsberg, Sony, Vodafone, BP and AEG. A pro edition of ToDo will be available soon for more demanding collaborators. It will enable more team members to collaborate, and be equipped with more storage capabilities.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade from ToDo to the premium Projectplace platform, which gives you access to our innovative and unique solution of combining Gantt plans and Kanban board workflows in one integrated tool, for superior management overview.


Visual, mobile and social

The ToDo experience is fully mobile. Access your boards on your mobile device as easily as from your computer by downloading the Projectplace app. An open API that enables an easy integration with hundreds of third party services; send mails directly to your ToDo board, make a dashboard for social media monitoring or send tweets automatically when a task is finished.

The ToDo Kanban boards offer a highly visual experience in planning, execution and follow-up of project deliverables. The cards of your Kanban board consist of work items that you can drag and drop among the workflow columns as the project progresses. This provides you and your team with full insight into who is doing what, encouraging engagement and sharing.

Furthermore, by tapping into ToDo’s social features, you’re able to interact with your team regarding individual actions or the project as a whole without having to trawl through hundreds of emails in your inbox.

Manage documents

add-your-online-documentsToDo is also equipped with powerful document sharing functionality, which enables you to store, share and review all your files easily and securely. Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive eliminates version control issues and helps you to collaborate on documents even more seamlessly.

When Projectplace was founded back in 1998, it was hard to imagine that we one day would have close to a million users one day, collaborating on 140,000 projects globally. Throughout the years, our aim has stayed the same: empowering people to work together in a way that embraces the exchange of ideas, values know-how and nurtures commitment. With ToDo, we hope we’re able to pave the way for more successful projects and team collaboration worldwide through knowledge sharing, transparency and communication.

You can sign up for the beta version of ToDo here. We’d love to hear your feedback, so that we can ensure that ToDo meets all collaborators and project managers’ requirements before the official launch this spring.

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