Infographic: 5 Reasons Teams Fail to Collaborate Effectively at Work

Project Collaboration Hurdles Infographic Webinar

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Odds are you collaborate with both internal and external team members on a daily basis. Whether they are just a cube or a continent away, it is essential that projects don’t get bogged down in costly duplications, missed deadlines, and blown budgets. Still, no matter the size or workload of your team, keeping up with statuses, tasks, and documents can be daunting.

Ever wonder the toll these collaboration hurdles take on your modern team’s productivity? We did, too. Chief researcher Maureen Carlson from Appleseed Partners polled 200 professionals based in North America who manage and participate in projects. The study turned up some startling evidence about the high cost of poor project collaboration. And yes, you can measure the lost productivity in weeks, not days (9 weeks according to the findings!)

Whether on a team of 5 or 25, most agree that the project manager job is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all role. Nearly 30 percent of those polled have become “accidental project managers,” which means they manage projects but it is not their primary role. Even more startling – 62 percent are uncertified.

Additionally, the survey showed just how much juggling is occurring – some participants reported handling more than 50 projects annually. That’s a lot of emails! In fact, emails spreadsheets and phone calls were cited as being primary tools for project collaboration.

And sticking with those old-school collaborative tools like email can have a big impact on both morale and the bottom-line. Email ranked as the top collaboration hurdle (42 percent) followed closely by lack of access to information (40 percent) and low visibility into workload (39 percent).

The good news? More than 40 percent agree that an all-in-one, on-line solution is a “must-have” for true project collaboration.

I’ll be talking to these very points at a webinar on July 29th, 2015 titled: “Project collaboration: moving past the hurdles of your legacy solutions.” Register and join me, you’ll get a copy of the report.

What do you think of the survey results? Are they surprising to you?

Project Collaboration Hurdles Infographic


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