How to ace collaboration with the new Projectplace offering

Work anywhere with the Projectplace mobile appWe’re very excited here at Projectplace HQ. A few weeks ago, we officially announced general availability of our latest online offering in the project collaboration and work management market, and it’s set to vastly improve the way you and your team get things done together.

The new Projectplace offering focuses on helping teams and small organizations manage their work by integrating planning, teamwork and personal task management in one single integrated app – entirely unique in the marketplace.

Key features of the Pro version include:

  • plan-execute-followPlanning in a classic Gantt view. Show where you are heading and how you plan to get there. Then get everyone aligned
  • Teamwork on a Kanban board. Share the team tasks, see who is working on what, and visualize progress in a transparent and self-organizing way. Includes WIP limits and swim lanes to avoid bottlenecks and provide better workflow overview
  • Personal to-do list. Let your team members stay in control of their commitments and plan their tasks towards the joint goal. Available for each team member, stand-alone for personal tasks or fully integrated with the plan and Kanban board
  • Performance charts. Keep track of progress in burn-up, cumulative flow and cycle time charts

A select number of people tried the new Pro version of Projectplace during the beta testing period, including Henrik Johansson, Director of Growth Innovation at Spotify, who was very impressed with it. He describes the new offering as: “Wunderlist, Trello and the Excel project plan in one solution.”

Whether it’s high-level planning you need, a method to make your team work better together, or you simply want a way to better manage your to-do list, then Projectplace is for you.

Other collaboration solutions charge you based on the amount of users taking advantage of the product. However, Projectplace offers a completely new fixed pricing model that makes it easy and effortless for team members to invite any number of colleagues to collaborate. Teams may grow throughout the lifetime of a project, but the amount they are charged doesn’t. Limited only by the number of active projects they create, teams can start with the Free version, upgrade to Basic or Pro versions for a fixed fee, and get access to a toolset to help them manage their work throughout the team’s entire lifetime.

Want to ace collaboration with the new Projectplace offering? Then simply follow this link and start for FREE.



  1. Kurt says

    I like the feature set of the Pro, but limiting it to just 3 active projects is a terrible decision IMO that will hurt your adoption and growth rates. I run a team of just 4 people (myself included) and we have anywhere from 10 – 20 projects in flight at any given point in time, ranging in complexity from simple to very complex. You should consider raising your limit on the number of projects to at least 25, or consider changing your pricing model to charge by # of users.

    • Samuel Cyprian says

      Hi Kurt,
      Thank you for the feedback. This is a need that is expressed by several other customers. We’ll shortly introduce possibility for team to choose a preferred limit for active projects.

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