How Projectplace became Mentor Graphics’ killer work collaboration app



As a leader in the fast-moving electronic design automation industry, Mentor Graphics’ software and hardware tools enable companies all over the world to manufacture electronics fast and cost-effective.

Being 5,500 employees across the company, based in 29 countries and 86 locations, Mentor Graphics’ IT groups found it challenging to efficiently collaborate and report on projects. Different time zones made it difficult to communicate and the existing collaboration tool SharePoint was not being used consistently.

Mentor_Graphics_LogoTo overcome some of the challenges and facilitate more effective collaboration, Mentor Graphics’ CIO Ananthan Thandri initiated the process of finding a new solution. The requirements included collaboration features and the ability to eliminate emails, task management, mobility, and ease of use. After evaluating no less than 20 different solutions, the choice fell on Projectplace.

“We consider it our ‘killer app’”, says Mary Kay Petersen, IT director at Mentor Graphics. “It lets us stay engaged with all of the projects we care about and never have to go to email. From individual contributors to our CIO, we all use Projectplace.”

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