How is Social Project Management different from Agile?

Social Project Management is our view on what is really important for a project to succeed. It’s based on modern social science and new social media inspired collaborative technology.

There’s no major difference in values and principles between Agile Software Development and Social Project Management. In fact we share the same origin: Kaizen and Lean Production.

Kaizen is a set of values and principles that reflects an intuitive understanding how human beings organize effectively. The same principles have been around for thousands of years. Lean is a production philosophy centered on preserving value with less work – in my opinion the only meaningful definition of efficiency.

However, in the past 30 years we have learnt more about the human brain and the human species than in the previous 3000 years. A scientific revolution has occurred. We know how people learn. How people are motivated. How to shape efficient behavior in high-performance teams. And we learnt how to create trust and coordinate commitments to succeed with projects.  We want to leverage this new knowledge when we design the next generation software for social project collaboration.

What we also aim for, compared to agile tools, is to take what software teams have learned about lean methodology and agile development and bring this to the rest of the workplace.

We will simplify and generalize features like Task Boards and Activity Streams and make them more social, delightful and available to project managers running projects within marketing, construction, health care, logistics et c.

The coming years you will see us continue to evolve with new enabling technology like large high resolution screens, mobile tablets and AI assistance.  But Projectplace will always adhere to the way we think social project management should be implemented – The Projectplace Way.

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