Towards 99,99 % in service availability

Our users rely on Projectplace to enable them to do their work and collaborate with their teams on a daily basis. This is why we monitor the availability of our service very closely by using Pingdom, an independent external monitoring service. And no – our stats are not rigged by omitting scheduled downtime for upgrades and maintenance.

Unfortunately, we had a a couple of minor incidents last year which resulteted in some, for us, very rare down time. Projectplace was still up 99,95 percent of the time (including scheduled downtime) which is clearly above the industry average but this is of course not enough. Historically, our average is 99,97 percent, but we are not satisfied until we reach our target: 99,99 percent.

To reach this goal, we have made changes and invested in our infrastructure to eliminate various dependencies and eliminate possible risks. That is why I’m now very glad to say that our efforts have paid off. We have had no less than 100 percent uptime in the first six months of 2014. We even managed to limit our scheduled maintenance window to less than a minute. The last “garbage collection” process was completed in only 42 seconds, having virtually no effect on the user experience.

We know that information security incidents will occur. We also know that when they do, how companies respond directly impacts the user experience. Projectplace believes in being transparent about system availability and performance. We are committed to publish the data and communicate all incidents to our users, rather than trying to sweep things under the carpet.

If you’re interested in some more statistics on the subject:

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