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Guideline 1: Work flows




Every manager and his or hers team wish that their work should flow smoothly through a prescribed channel.  Structured but permissive.

The first guideline that our product adheres to is ‘Work flows’. By this we mean that every assignment, big or small, flows through different stages before completion. Whether it is a small personal task or a big organizational effort, it can be easily categorized as planned, in progress or done.

Taking an example, an ordinary task of buying paper for the office printer where the office janitor notices a lack of paper and makes a note in the buying list. The task is “planned”. Naturally, the task is “in progress” when the order is placed and then finally “done” when the paper is in place beside the printers.

And it scales: Almost all tasks, whether it’s fixing a bug, developing a new product, moving to a new office or acquiring a company, can be translated to these three steps.

Based on this guideline, Work flows, our product allows you to determine the status of a project just as well as of an activity in your plan or a card on your Kanban board. You can find these steps in various parts of our existing products, Todo and the Projectplace platform.

As soon as a set of work changes its status to ‘In progress’ the need for detailing it and planning the execution more specifically emerges and a more detailed level will then be introduced.

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