Get rid of project management chaos with technology

project-management-chaosThe growing role of technology in organizations is changing how people collaborate, and how projects are managed.

Mobile and wearable technologies are paving the way for true mobility, and – together with cloud and collaboration technologies – enabling leaner, more productive workspaces. Yet, our research project, the Chaos Theory, revealed that despite many technologies that are designed to make people more productive, project managers waste up to 20 working days a year due to inefficient ways of working.

Do you wish you could claw back some of this time and manage your projects in harmony?

The Chaos Theory research shows that technology is seen as a solution to many of today’s project management challenges: three-quarters (74%) of project managers expect new project management and collaboration tools to lead to fewer project delays and two-thirds (69%) think these technologies can help them control costs better.

It’s crucial that project managers get their IT teams’ buy-in for more innovative ways of working. These include Kanban boards and Gantt charts which empower teams with collaborative planning and execution in the cloud, while providing the project manager with a complete overview of the progress made.

Project managers who are able to embrace new ways of working with the help of the latest technologies will lead the way in turning project management chaos into harmony in today’s digital world.


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  1. Chris Pollard says

    Wrong. Technology gimmicks are not the solution to project management problems. Quite the reverse, in fact – the instant-communication mature of current technology is the source of most such problems, as it denies the opportunity for considered thought before action. You can no more use technology to solve project management chaos thsn you can drink your way out if alcoholism

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