From Zero to Hero

In late October, we arrived at the Projectplace Stockholm office in time for the weekly Monday briefing. We were two engineering students straight from university and didn’t really know what was waiting for us. All we knew was that our job was to develop Projectplace’s Android application, without really knowing what Projectplace was. Working close to the iOS team we were able to get off to a quick start, as well as the advantage of having their iPhone app to work against and receiving lots of help from more experienced coworkers. Projectplace is an agile company, which made it easy for us to get involved in the design and development processes. In our small team, just the two of us, we used a super agile approach; claim a task, implement and then push it. This is probably the main reason we could build and publish the Projectplace Documents app in roughly one month.

From University to Projectplace

Coming directly from university to Projectplace was very exciting; it was a whole new world we had only read about in books and theory. With our minds filled with excitement we quickly started work with porting to Android what the iOS team had already been doing for the iPhone. As work progressed people naturally asked about the progress or for an ETA of the app. New as we were, we had no clue about the release date, but at the same time we wanted to impress people in the organization and beat the iOS team. Somewhere around the middle of November we started telling people that we would have the app out on the market before Christmas. At first, we didn’t think that was possible ourselves, but when we said it people got really excited so we continued to communicate that goal. At the beginning of December something had happened, the app started to look and feel more complete. We started to believe that we would meet our improbable deadline and got more and more excited.

The Publish Button

To finally push the “publish” button in Android Market was a great feeling! The week before release we felt very confident and thought that our app was perfect but 2 hours before our internal deadline some late bugs were found. One of them was that all profile pictures got mixed up resulting in the wrong picture to every user. This bug was hard to discover as we didn’t know all the people in our projects, but when male names had female profile pictures we knew something was wrong. Thirty stressful minutes before our office Christmas party we managed to fix the bug and press the button, finally.

Later during the Christmas party we felt much appreciated and proud. People came up to us congratulating and thanking us for bringing Projectplace to Android Market. And beating the iOS team didn’t make it feel any worse :)

Being on Android Market

Having something that we built with our own hands on Android Market was great. The first couple of days we checked the statistics every ten minutes to see if someone had downloaded our app. The joy of having people use and appreciate our app makes it so much more fun to continue the development and improve the app. With Android taking a larger market share we look forward to seeing more and more Projectplace members using our Android app.

Who Are We?

Jens Andersson and Johan Mattsson.
Computer Science Engineers from Faculty of Engineering, Lund.
We have been at Projectplace since late October, spending 50% of our time with the Android application and 50% writing our Master thesis.

The result:

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