Focus on Quality and Preparing the Future – Release 23rd August

In the last development sprint leading up to tonight’s release we have had three main focus areas:

– Preparing for the new collaborative planning

– Taking the Document Manager out of beta

– And improving the quality of the system by heavy bug squashing


Document Manager has grown up!

We have decided that the Document Manager is stable and great and should be part of our core add-on offering. It needed a few little tweaks for us to be able to let it fly without the beta tag but now we’ve fixed it and translated the interface to all our supported languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish. This means that we consider Document Manager ready. Some of the things that we fixed include:

-Interface in all supported languages

-Support for longer file names

-The icon in the dock will bounce only a few times when there’s an event and then stop (


Bug Squashing

We have fixed loads of them over the summer. Some that had been reported on Projectplace Ideas and are now fixed include:



Preparing for the future


We are really excited about the new collaborative planning that will come out over the next year. The first step is to include an inspirational master plan that is always available in the interface. This should clearly communicate the overall goal or purpose of the project and what steps need to be taken to get there. To make room for the master plan we are also redesigning the navigation. The new navigation is currently being tested internally and we are ironing out problems. I will post a sneak preview of how it looks currently after the release tonight.

Part of this project is a huge job to remove technical limitations in the code to allow our designers more flexibility in making the navigation and master plan great. This kind of work can sometimes feel a bit boring, because it doesn’t deliver any immediate value to you, our users, but it’s comparable to cleaning out the shed – without the possibility of finding a hidden masterpiece. But, it’s something that we really need to do to be able to deliver great features and tools efficiently and with minimal chance of things going wrong.

We are also coding on the master plan, I will update you on the work that we are doing on collaborative planning in a post soon.


New Blog

We have a new blog portal. You will find mine and all out other blogger’s posts at Feel free to read, comment, share and enjoy.



Projectplace for iPad – I have seen it and it looks cool. It’s main focus will be on document management and it will also be released for iPhone. More information to follow.


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