Flying start for ToDo’s collaborative teamwork

placeits_ipad_600Our new, free collaboration tool ToDo has shown strong traction since the launch in April. More than 10,000 registered users, with a 20% growth rate of active users every month, has given ToDo a flying start.

Since the launch in April, ToDo by Projectplace, makes seamless team communication easy by bringing the highly visual Kanban boards from Projectplace to everyone’s fingertips. It empowers people to self-organize and work towards a common goal on the same easy-to-use platform.

“What I like about ToDo is its ease-of-use,” says Daniel Zutavern, Director at Digital Leadership and devoted ToDo user. “It provides a great user experience, with the ability to drag and drop cards containing activities on the board as the project progresses. There are many Kanban Tools out there – but this one is simple, great and flexible – and I know most of them. ToDo has a lot of potential.”

The user response and growth rate shows that ToDo has been embraced by people all across all industries, on every continent.  True to its main mission, new user groups and not only experienced project managers are now able to practice seamless cloud collaboration. Start for free and grown as your needs grow.

Rickard Kristoffersson, COO of Brightvision, is another ToDo user:

“Managing the production at a growing company like ours means constantly shifting focus, both on a daily and hourly basis. Everything from finding the right people to hire, helping to start a new big campaign, to developing new software to improve our business. In the past I’ve struggled with post-its, different notebooks and all too many flags in my inbox. With everything organized in ToDo I finally feel relief knowing exactly what to do, and when to do it.”

Some time ago, we asked 100 users a couple of simple question about their experience when  using ToDo. Here is the result.

Todo Survey 140308


  1. Kurt says

    I think this is great, but you should also consider adding support for Checklists or SubTasks within each card, like Trello has. It is a really great feature.

  2. Per Fossum says

    Hi Kurt!

    Thanks for your feedback and great that you like ToDo.

    Regarding the need to further break down the work on a card it is a common request. We are at the moment discussing it here internally. It is very likely we will do something here during 2015.


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