Email your ToDo Kanban board

Whatever collaboration tools you use otherwise, most of us still use email as a key communications hub. This means that whatever you do, it will probably at some point pass through your inbox. Wouldn’t it be great to just forward it to your ToDo board? That way you can share it with the team, assign it to someone and have an open conversation about it for all to see.

There is a simple way of adding an email address to your board via Zapier. Zapier let’s you connect all sorts of internet services to each other for your convenience. All you need to do is create a zapier account and then add your ToDo/Projectplace account. Some examples of what you could do:

1. Email to create a card on your kanban board.

Zap template:

2. Get an email notification when a new card is created on your board.

Zap template:

3. Notify your colleagues on the project overview when a card is moved to “Done”

Zap template:

Many popular web services – like Hipchat, Jira, Asana, Gmail, Salesforce etc. –  are making it possible to integrate via Zapier and more and more possibilities are included very day. Therefore I recommend that you try it out – feel free to share your best zap-templates as comments.






  1. Brian Cody says

    Thanks for adding this! Our team use Zapier to sync ToDo with Hipchat, specifically to alert us when cards are done.

    On that note: it would be GREAT if we could create zaps for any status column and not just ‘Done’. Any chance of that coming out soon?

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Brian,
      We used to do that also – notify in hipchat. I will suggest this addition to our developers.

      Best regards,

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