Don’t be fooled by its name, Poodle is serious

Google reported on a critical vulnerability recently called Poodle. Secure internet connections can be manipulated by hackers due to a vulnerability in the design of the SSL 3.0 protocol. Projectplace has decided to disable the support of this protocol. 

SSL 3.0 is a protocol designed to provide communication security over the internet with nearly 18 years on the market, but the support remains widespread, particularly with old browsers. To adress this issue, Projectplace has disabled this particular protocol. Most of you won’t notice this at all. However, we are aware that  users of Internet Explorer version 6 and old versions of Windows XP without Service Pack 3 may experience difficulties as these versions use this protocol by default.

Our statistics show that this is an almost non-existing number of users, but some might still be affected. This is of course something we regret, but secure connections and transport layer security has been a priority for Projectplace since the Snowden revelations last year. Since, we have increased the strength of our encryption and prioritised secure protocols such as TLS for protecting communications between users and our servers. Moving away from SSL 3.0 is a natural course in following that path. More about our work with security here.

If you experience any connection issues when using Projectplace, please contact support.

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