The essentials for dominating your to do list

Most of us keep a to do list in some shape or form, whether it be on a scrap of paper, in a smart looking Word document or in the cloud using a project collaboration tool. It’s the obvious way to manage our tasks and stay on top of all our deadlines. A well organized and thought-through plan of action can make all the difference to your work flow and stress levels. Getting through your to do list doesn‘t have to be a huge challenge though. Instead, by preparing yourself you can combat each task with ease. Here’s how:

1. A battle plan
Rather than tackling each activity in the random order you jotted them down, it’s better to tackle your to do list by order of priority, rather than when you receive it in your inbox. That way, you can get important projects finished on time, and focus on less time sensitive tasks after.

2. Coffeeevent_seminar_breakfast_600
Sometimes it’s best to put in a few extra hours now and then just to get on top of all your activities and clear all the tasks from your list. If this is the case, make sure you keep your energy levels high so you can power through. Snacks, coffee and water are ideal to keep you going, and to keep your mind at full power.

3. Take breaks, but work till you get it done
It’s always best not to leave a task half-finished, unless of course you need someone else’ help in order to get it done. Instead, take short breaks to stay on the ball, but work at it till it’s done, even if it means pulling an all-nighter. You’ll feel better for it and a weight will be lifted of your shoulders.

4. A motivational playlist
Either Disney songs, heavy metal, or thirteen hours of one drum and bass song on loop, depending on your temperament can give you the motivational boost that you need. Having your favourite song as your to do list soundtrack can help you pull through and get the job done.

5. Avoid social media at all costs
When you go into serious to do list mode, it’s best to log out of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Rather than offer motivation, they will just distract you and before you know it you’ve lost an hour just refreshing your news feed.

6. Highlighters
Don’t shy away from using a highlighter. They can help you mark out the important information with neon precision, allowing you to skim read the relevant stats later on, saving you time.

7. A little help from your friends
Whilst your list is important, you will occasionally need to emerge from your work dungeon to unwind and socialize with friends. You‘ll feel better, and return to your list refreshed, and able to tackle anything.

Remember, it’s not just about the project, but the way you tackle it. Having the right tools at your disposal can be the difference between failure and success. Arm yourself with simple cloud tools, that will enable you to organize your workflow, keep everything you need in one place and more importantly, access it whenever, wherever. Share documents, get quick approvals, and show your to do list progress with your team instantly. Not only will it motivate the rest of your team, but it will also keep management off your back!


Projectplace’s take on to do lists follows the Kanban method. Work together, prioritize and execute in ToDo, our free project collaboration tool.

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