“Deskless” workers emerge in enterprise mobility shift

“Deskless” Workers Emerge in Enterprise Mobility Shift

Apps needed to boost productivity and manage projects on-the-go

Today’s enterprises are having to re-think how their workforce collaborates and works together. Whether they are tech-savvy Millennials who need critical business information at a moment’s notice or medical staff on the run all day, they are clearly redefining the concept of work well beyond the confines of a cubicle.

What do you call this movement? Deemed “deskless” workers, they are a growing phenomenon. According to the technology investment bank GP Bullhound, deskless workers in the healthcare, construction, retail, transportation, and field services industries are driving this enterprise mobility shift. In their 2016 Technology Predictions, they note that:

  • Google estimates that 80% of the global workforce (approximately 3 billion) is performing physical or deskless work daily. This includes those working on their feet in settings like a hospital, farm, or warehouse.
  • Research firm Gartner believes that market demand for enterprise mobile app services will grow at least five times faster than the supply of available mobile solutions from internal IT departments by the end of 2017.
  • Some deskless workers may not have a computer issued by their employer and are left to work with antiquated technology solutions and processes.

To maximize their flexibility and productivity, there is a growing need for enterprise-grade mobile apps that cater to these workers’ day-to-day functional needs. With many of them now carrying mobile phones, the apps that most closely resemble those found in consumer apps will likely win the day.

When it comes to enabling enterprise mobility, these workers want apps that can help them boost productivity and manage projects – whether they are at work or on the go. As a result, they are turning to project management apps that can help them stay synced and in the loop at all times.

What are their common needs? At the end of the day, deskless workers must to be able to reach all project files from wherever they are with their smartphone or tablet. For the deskless workers, their wish list includes mobile apps that help them:

  • Get work done from anywhere on any device
  • Manage and share documents and video clips from anywhere – easily, rapidly and securely
  • View documents online or download for offline reading
  • Easily access their most recent files
  • See what documents co-workers are working on
  • Open and edit files in other apps already installed.
  • Read, comment, and follow conversations

More than ever, mobility apps must make collaboration easy so everyone can understand the status of projects and who is working on what. Team members and all work needs to be easily accessible, whether you are at your desk or on the go.

Projectplace is a good example of a collaboration/mobile application that supports the “Enterprise Mobility Shift”. Check out the customer success stories at Projectplace.com.

I’d like to hear from you. How is your business ensuring mobile workers are productive? Are there applications you use that support this shift? Share by leaving a comment below.


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