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Creating managers’ new best friend


Excuse our excitement, but we have started to work on a new cloud-based software solution for managers and their teams to launch later this spring. We want you to take part in the journey.

Why a new product?

Based on our 16 years’ experience in developing collaboration tools, we have made some basic assumptions about getting further into the core of management and teamwork.

With this new software tool, we want to reduce the common pains and address some often neglected needs of a manager. Plans must be easy to set up, highly dynamic and always head towards the goal. The workspace must bring out the best in every team. plan-execute-followFollow-up must be intuitive, transparent and highly automated. You don’t necessarily want to spend too much time with that, do you?

The key challenge is to gather all these needs in one specifically designed cloud software: plan, execute and follow-up. It is something in-between a basic collaborative teamwork tool and a powerful enterprise platform.


Who is supposed to use this tool?

IMG_0129We’re doing this for everyone who recognizes the feeling that it’s “up to me”. That means people responsible for teams, budgets and getting things done. Core users are probably managers of people and departments, team leaders and project managers. But they need their colleagues or employees on the journey.

We know that many people are not really satisfied with the way they work today. For some, it might be hard to plan and follow progress, keep control of workflows and teams. For others, it’s difficult to involve stakeholders or employees in the planning. It can also be a design or pricing issue; the feeling that no tool is exclusively developed for their needs. We know that all of this is common, and we want to do something about it.

How can you help us?

Give feedback! No-one knows your pains and challenges more than you do, so we’re inviting you to create the managers’ new best friend together with us. Send us a mail or make comments on this blog. Tweet us, or visit Project lab group on Linkedin. Pour in your comments, whatever way you like. These are some of the questions we need to address:

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