Collaboration tool ToDo hits the market

Projectplace is today proudly launching ToDo in full version. The online tool is a freemium version of the powerful cloud-based Projectplace platform, bringing agile Kanban boards to everyone’s fingertips.

ToDo appAfter more than three months of beta testing and continuous development, adding new features such as third party service integration with Zapier and real time updates, ToDo can finally enable easy-to-use workflow planning and collaboration in organisations and agile teams of all sizes.

“ToDo is designed to turn potential into reality by empowering people to become brilliant collaborators and project managers. With ToDo, our aim is to pave the way for more successful projects and team collaboration worldwide, through knowledge sharing, transparency and communication,” says Johan Zetterström, CEO of Projectplace.

The user response have been very promising during the beta period.

“We’ve tried a huge number of online collaboration platforms but ToDo is the only one that ticks all the boxes for us,” says Erik Eggum, CEO of Fanbooster, one of the organisations involved in the beta test. “Being a distributed online company, tasks are given and received ad hoc, which can become quite messy and difficult to manage. With ToDo, it is easy to get a clear overview of each project and keep track of all tasks.”

Jim Benson, author of “Personal Kanban” comments:

“ToDo is elegant, simple to use, and no-nonsense. People can get into it, get their work organized, and complete with no training or fuss. I like it a lot.”

The pricing model is also now presented, revealing a key strength over existing tools – ToDo grows along with you and your team’s needs.

Pricing model ToDo

A Pro edition of ToDo is aimed at the most demanding collaborators. The Plus version allows you to add modules such as Gantt charts, which makes ToDo a truly unique Kanban tool. If your needs change even further, you are able to upgrade seamlessly to the premium Projectplace platform – the only collaboration and project management tool that combines powerful planning for complex organisations to day-to-day workflow visibility.

Sign up here and get started.


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