Collaboration in 2015: our top 3 forecasts

football_collaboration_teamworkWe’ve been discussing recently the challenges our current and prospective customers face, and what they think will be on top of the agenda in 2015.

These are our top three trends for 2015 so far. Take a moment to think how they will affect your organization.

1) 2015 will be the year of mobile working.

According to the latest figures from Gartner, global tablet sales will surpass PC sales for the first time next year. More and more businesses are adopting a mobile-first strategy, including BYOD and flexible working policies. This gives teams the flexibility they crave. The implications of this are huge when it comes to application compatibility across devices and securing sensitive data. Collaboration tools that are not mobile-ready will be left on the shelf, figuratively or literally.

2) Security will take center stage.

Not a week goes by that a business isn’t brought down to its knees by a cyber-attack. These incidents used to keep the IT department up at night – but now senior decision makers too are realizing the crippling effect that cyber-security breaches can have on an organization.

In 2015, the European Commission is set to introduce a set of new, stronger data protection rules, meaning that every business operating in the EU has to ensure that it is able to protect the integrity of the data it holds, or face hefty fines. The new legislation will impact on how businesses share and store sensitive documents and customer data, putting the security credentials of many cloud-based collaboration platforms under the microscope. (If you’re wondering about Projectplace’s security credentials, you can find more information here.)



3) Teams will demand democracy.

While the project manager won’t have to relinquish control, we do expect collaborative working practices to infiltrate more and more organizations. The hype around the so-called social enterprise is gone, but the principles of knowledge sharing, accountability and transparency are set to win more fans in 2015.

Businesses are starting to see that if they adopt more collaborative working practices – whereby everyone’s voice is heard and true, self-organizing collaboration takes place – their teams will be more productive. The old command-and-control management method is giving way to a flatter structure where individuals are more motivated because they feel like that they are participating and making an important contribution to a common cause and reaching a common goal. As everyone is more committed to getting the job done, everyone is more productive – making a real, measurable difference to the bottom line.

It might seem a bit too early to talk about what next year will bring, but 2015 IT budgeting is set to get underway in a month or two, so now is the time to start exploring your options. Stay ahead and think about what implications the future trends will have on your organization.

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