Agile Gantt with dependencies and more news from Projectplace

Dependencies in Plan

For a long time, dependencies has been one of the most asked for product improvements from our users.

When we started developing the current planning tools in Projectplace we thought really hard about what functionality would be most useful. Since dependencies has always been a high priority request from our users,  this is now implemented in the Plan. Dependencies present a good way of visualising links between activities in the project and with the connection to the Kanban boards they become a powerful part of the agile Gantt. In Projectplace you see the dependencies as arrows in the Plan.


It is easy to set up and delete dependencies.

In the details for each activity you can set up its dependency and see existing connections. In the example Activity 3 can not start before Activity 2 has ended. If we push forwards the end date of Activity 2 it will affect the start dates of Activities 3, 4, and 5. Duration will stay the same for all activities involved. We support finish-to-start dependencies only at this point.

Minimising the risk of accidental deletion of boards

We have changed the way you delete boards so that only hidden boards can be deleted. This is done to minimise the risk of accidental deletion of boards. To delete a board, first hide it under settings.

Information from Projectplace in system notifications

You will now get important information from Projectplace in the same feed as other project information. To make sure you don’t miss it, a small pop-up will tell you when there is information from us. This replaces the yellow banner at the top for release information and system maintenance information.

Important information from Projectplace will show up in your web notifications.

Important information from Projectplace will show up in your web notifications.

What’s up next?

Calendar feed of events – Soon you will be able to subscribe to a feed of important events from your projects straight into your calendar of choice. Important events are things like cards that are assigned to you, end dates of activities, and document reviews. You will be able to configure which types of events you want for each project. The feed will contain all future events and events that are less than a couple of weeks old.

Access rights for Plan – This is the next prioritised project for the Plan. The access rights for Plan will also affect many other parts of the system – like when you attach cards and what you see in your calendar feed. We are laying the foundations for this development over the summer and hope to release sometime in Autumn.



  1. Trond Mjelde says

    I am very satisfied with the improvements, especially dependencies. But I do not find the opportunity of automatic emails to project members to make them report on tasks and hours spent. I have been using this feature a lot. It is fast and easy. Have you disabled this feature? I hope not.

    • Karolina Wicksén Jackson-Ward says

      Hi Trond,

      Thanks for the feedback – nice to hear that you like the improvements! In the old Tasks tool we had a feature to automatically send reminders for time reporting to resources with ongoing tasks. This has not yet been implemented in the Plan tool but is part of our road map for future releases.

      Karolina Jackson-Ward
      Community Manager
      Projectplace International AB

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