6 Business Questions You Need to be Able to Answer About Your Project Portfolio

6 Business Questions You Need to be Able to Answer About Your Project Portfolio

Optimizing resources to achieve strategic goals

Knowing the right projects to work on and getting the right people to work on them is always tough. Resource constraints, one off requests, and change often add to the complexity.

Are you able to answer these key questions?

  1. What initiatives are we currently working on?
  2. Who is working on what?
  3. Are we working on the right initiatives?
  4. Do the initiatives support our strategy?
  5. What should we be doing in the next year?
  6. How are we utilizing our resources?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not alone. I know a lot of organizations that struggle with obtaining the information to answer these questions which prevents them from making the right business decisions ultimately wasting time, money and competitive advantage.

Obtaining this information is possible. Companies need the ability to optimize their portfolios, balance capacity against demand and visualize performance against plans. They need the ability to collectively manage current and proposed projects to reach optimal project and resource mix to achieve the greatest value to the business.

I invite you to register for an on-demand replay of our recent webinar, “Portfolio Management with Innotas by Planview.” You’ll learn how you can use portfolio and resource management solutions to:

  • Gain top-down visibility into your projects and resources
  • Assess project requests based on your strategic goals
  • See the end result and impact on the business before the project even starts
  • More easily allocate your resources by role and availability
  • Use dashboards and reports to follow up and get your stakeholders on board

To learn how to optimize your portfolio and resources to make better decisions while connecting them with your strategic goals, register for the webcast today . I’d like to hear from you. Are you able to answer the six questions outlined? How do you do it? Share by leaving a comment below.

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