Using technology to engage your workforce and improve your bottom line


A recent study from the University of Michigan shows that a happier workforce is more productive, therefore improving a company’s bottom line. The workplace experience largely determines how enthusiastic and invested we feel in what we do. But some companies underestimate the power of a happy workforce and of the factors that can help make…

Project Collaboration Study – 200 Business Professionals Share Their Top Hurdles, Distributed Team Dynamics & Tools in Use

Today’s teams are using the wrong toolsets for collaboration and holding back team efficiency, creating frustration and leading to duplication of effort. It’s time for project collaborators and accidental project managers to find harmony in a place where they can all collaborate, complete and track tasks and visualize work.

How outdated ways of working are costing your business money


In today’s digital economy, businesses are under more pressure than ever to do more with less. They are expected to increase productivity without compromising quality while keeping employees and customers happy. However, our Chaos Theory research shows that managers are struggling to work smarter – and businesses are paying a high price for it. Although…

Project collaboration on Android made easy with new app


Work life has become a little bit easier for all Android users. A new free Projectplace app for project collaboration and work management is now available in Google Play.  The new app let users seamlessly manage all work tasks and collaborate with team members and stakeholders in a virtual workspace. It uses the Kanban approach…

Show your boss why working smarter is better for the business


People struggle at work every day. No news there. We are expected in today’s digital, global workplace to be more connected, collaborative and productive. Despite that modern technology has the potential to empower, our Chaos Theory study shows that the struggle continues. Unproductive, outdated working habits can be found everywhere – and the result is…

Project collaboration in practice: CONNECT to boost Irish ICT innovations


The CONNECT Centre for Future Networks has been founded to drive telecom innovations in Ireland. To enable efficient cross-organizational teamwork with all participating members, including top institutions like Trinity College, Dublin City University and Dublin Institute of Technology, CONNECT has created a shared online workspace in Projectplace. Together with 37 industry partners, CONNECT will be a foundation…