Use Gantt to visualize your path


Visualization is an integral part of storytelling and storytelling is essential to get the resources and engagement you need for a successful project. Whether this implies getting internal resources assigned, on board, and delivering or making sure that the stakeholders are satisfied with the end result – telling a compelling story will help you succeed. A beautiful Gantt chart can be…

Infographic: How to get rid of project management chaos


Project managers need to rethink how they work. That is the conclusion of the Chaos Theory, a an independent piece of research that we recently commissioned to look into the day-to-day challenges of project managers. In parallel to the rapid evolution of technology and the popularity of anywhere-working, project managers are also working longer hours as their…

5G and beyond – the age of full connectivity

Work anywhere with the Projectplace mobile app

The era of weak signals is drawing to a close. Full 5G connectivity is about to change your world of work forever. Flashback to 1973 when New York Motorola Engineer Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call. A giant leap for mankind. Fast forward to today, and the handsets you hold are a thousand…

The Chaos theory report: Project management chaos revealed, the impact on business productivity and how to survive it


20 working days per year. That is the cost for inefficient working practices among European project managers. Why is this the case, in an always connected, optimized and efficient world? And why are people increasingly more stressed, despite all the possibilities that technology offers? To find out, we commissioned the Chaos theory report, a European…

Infographic: Checklist for successful project management

Project management checklist

Project managers are facing battles every day. From stretched budgets and tight deadlines to mountains of emails. But with a shift in mindset and the right tools, you can turn your project from a state of pain and stress – to success. Check out our project management checklist infographic for inspiration so that you and your project can get back on track.