Towards 99,99 % in service availability

Our users rely on Projectplace to enable them to do their work and collaborate with their teams on a daily basis. This is why we monitor the availability of our service very closely by using Pingdom, an independent external monitoring service. And no – our stats are not rigged by omitting scheduled downtime for upgrades and maintenance….

Agile Gantt with dependencies and more news from Projectplace


Dependencies in Plan For a long time, dependencies has been one of the most asked for product improvements from our users. When we started developing the current planning tools in Projectplace we thought really hard about what functionality would be most useful. Since dependencies has always been a high priority request from our…

Email your ToDo Kanban board

Whatever collaboration tools you use otherwise, most of us still use email as a key communications hub. This means that whatever you do, it will probably at some point pass through your inbox. Wouldn’t it be great to just forward it to your ToDo board? That way you can share it with the team, assign…

Working from home kills productivity?


These are the words that many of us have heard when we‘ve asked our boss about opportunities for flexible or remote working. In spite of mobile and cloud technologies that enable us to be connected at all times and work anytime, anywhere, there is a fear amongst business owners and managers that when we ‘WFH’,…

The virtual team dilemma: will agency and client ever be one?

One team, and one mission – trying to make agencies and in-house marketers work seamlessly together. Throughout the creative and marketing industries, this is arguably the biggest frustration faced by agencies and in-house teams.   It has been an issue since the first client-agency relationship was formed. Back when we still relied on landline telephones,…

Gantt reinvented: Introducing the missing link between team, project manager and senior management


Projectplace introduces Agile Gantt – the world’s first tool that combines the functionality of Gantt charts and Kanban boards to bridge the gap between project managers, team members and senior management. Agile Gantt offers powerful project steering and agile self-organization, uniting teams, project managers and senior management on the same platform for the first time.