Release 23rd April– Improved document management and new visual identity

This sunny April brings big changes to Projectplace. Some of the projects that we have worked on for a long time will finally go live to make your lives easier. Improved document management Updated visual identity Beautiful Gantt What’s up next? Improved document managment For many of our customers document management is a key value of Projectplace….

Collaboration tool ToDo hits the market


Projectplace is today proudly launching ToDo in full version. The online tool is a freemium version of the powerful cloud-based Projectplace platform, bringing agile Kanban boards to everyone’s fingertips. After more than three months of beta testing and continuous development, adding new features such as third party service integration with Zapier and real time updates,…

Seal it with a cloud – Projectplace presents a new visual corporate identity

Projectplace logo 2

Today, we are a proud bunch. Projectplace launches its new visual identity and brand logo, reflecting our commitment to enabling everyone to excel with collaboration. The new visual identity is inspired by the company’s mission to empower people to collaborate and reach their goals. It will be implemented in the Projectplace and ToDo platforms, as…

Your plan – simple and beautiful overview


At the end of April, we are planning to release a completely new planning tool. We want to do this to simplify the process of planning into one tool that incorporates everything from project steps via activities to individual cards on the kanban boards. All this will be unified in one new tool called simply…