10 Reasons to Vote for My SXSW Session (with Video Evidence)


You may be wondering why you should take the time to vote for my SXSW 2017 proposal? I thought I’d make it easy for you. Here are 10 reasons you should vote for my session (or check out my video below):

  1. You find yourself swept into the tempest of figuring out to get work done in a flattening world or global economy.
  2. You DON’T have skills like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.
  3. You spend your workdays in isolation but are expected to work with people as if they are in the next cubicle or room.
  4. You have teammates in multiple time zones.
  5. You have communication challenges (really, who doesn’t?).
  6. You are dealing with some “interesting” cultural elements and want to commiserate on trends and challenges like communication style, organizational hierarchy, speed of innovation.
  7. You want to learn from someone who walks the talk: I have 18 years in the technology space, from roles in Fortune 1000 companies all the way to the “four dudes, a dog and a garage” level startups. I also ran a software development team based in Romania from my bedroom desk in Austin. I now work every day with teams in Sweden, India, Austin, and California. We help companies large and small overcome the challenges they face with the ever-changing nature of collaborative projects.
  8. You want to understand the common traps around communication, culture and technology that factor into the success or demise of virtual teams.
  9. You want to know some tips and best practices for companies aspiring to drive productivity with their global workforces.
  10. You want to be entertained: See my video.

My Official SXSW Entry:

Distance Makes the Teamwork Harder…Or Does It?

In a flattening world and global economy, no longer are we constrained by geography, physical location and time zones. Working with global teams is becoming the new normal with over 70% of us interacting with external parties on a regular basis and almost a third working with team members in other geographies. Global workforces afford many business advantages, and technology plays a key part in keeping us connected, but what are the considerations for those working with global teams and how do you avoid the pitfalls? If you are among the growing majority of professionals who are working with teams around the world, you won’t want to miss this session.

 Here’s how to vote:

  1. Register at: SXSW PanelPicker
  2. Vote here: Planview.info/vote4jason

Wish me luck. I hope to see you at SXSW in 2017!

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