10 success factors for brand building in 2012

Are you working in a communications project?

Yesterday I listened to some experienced people from different industries at the ‘B2B Conversations’ seminar in Stockholm. Afterwards, I realized I had a list of:

10 success factors for brand building in 2012:

1.  Do what you are good at.
2.  Have a purpose. Then you will make a topic out there.
3.  Dare to do what you believe is right. Then you will get a dialogue out there.
4.  But also dare to question what you are doing, even what you are living on!
5.  Decide where to be visible.
6.  Understand how to be relevant.
7.  Be clear and simple.
8.  Identify your stakeholders. And remember them all.
9.  Know your business. For real. All the facts, stats and opinions.
10. Be genuine. Or you will die. Which most companies do.

To sum it up, you must realize that:

Your business and your communication is one and the same thing.

Niklas Rosvall
VP Marketing, Projectplace

(The B2B Conversations Seminar was arranged by Hilanders, Veckans Affärer and Resumé and included speakers such as Michael Wulf, CEO Swedbank , Hans Stråberg, former CEO Electrolux and Elisabeth Ström, Communications Director Vattenfall.)

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